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We are young & passionate for clean energy, just like you

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Years of combined experience of working in China


Team you can trust for you sourcing support


Industries served which focus on cleaner environment


Global Languages covered including Mandarin, Hindi & English


Geographic regions in which we are present

Our Team

Shivam Arora

Electric vehicle enthusiast. Business growth & Marketing is his passion. Believes in listening to the customer. 

Ausma Bernotaite

After living in China for more than 7 years, she wants to write a book titled "How NOT to do business in China"


His more than 13 years of experience in Quality Assurance makes him a scary figure for the manufacturers.


Algis Bernotas

Command over 11 languages and 28 years in business makes him a versatile business development professional.


Jasmine Fung

With 8 years of experience in supplier management, merchandizing and inspections, she handles shipments like a charm.

Our Mission

Human beings have been using in different forms of energy based on fossil fuels. We realized that nature offers other forms of green energy which can be easily converted to electricity. So why not use this clean energy for our needs including transportation also. However, this would mean challenging the status quo. 


To realize this dream, China would be the manufacturing hub like for many other industries.  Working in China for International businesses, we have come to realize how difficult it is to identify the right partners for any business but especially for technology-driven businesses. The challenge increases manifold with language barriers and cultural differences. We wanted to join the revolution and established Aurora Ventures to bridge this gap for electric vehicle & new energy startups and enable them to realize their dream faster and more efficiently. 

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