Interview with Mr. Chandan Mundhra (Chairman, Savë Electric) regarding Indian EV industry & FAME II

Updated: Apr 12, 2019

Aurora Ventures: Tell us more about the work of Save Electric. How did the idea come up?

Mr. Chandan Mundhra

Chandan Mundhra: Savë (pronounced Savee) stands for Save-environment. It began taking shape in 2013 after observing huge number of Electric 3-Wheelers being imported from China and its positive impact in the last mile connectivity industry. We decided to improvise the same, add value and Indigenize it.

Aurora: How do you find the response for electric transport or cargo vehicles from consumers or state authorities? How has the trend been till now since you started?

Chandan: “ElecTruck ®”; our Electric Transport Cargo vehicle has been one of the most successful model among all of our variants. People have begun to recognize the economic and operational benefits in using such EVs. Trend has been progressive since the inception.

Aurora: That's great. So which form of vehicles do you see getting electrified first in India? Do you think adoption rate of shared transport vehicles like e-rickshaw would be higher compared to personal transport or cargo vehicles?

Chandan: I believe Electric 3 wheelers and 2 wheelers will be the front runner in the vehicle electrification game. In the 3 wheeler sector E-Rickshaw and E-Cargo both have their own niche markets. E-Rickshaw being widely accepted vehicle may play a major role in densely populated cities for short distance commute or in rural areas while E-Cargo may be well accepted in the large Industries, any type of commercial establishments involved in local deliveries, ecommerce logistics etc.

Aurora Ventures electric vehicle sourcing from china
Savee's Electruck

Aurora: FAME II was recently approved by the cabinet and there is strong emphasis on public transport vehicles including 3W and Buses. How do you think the policy would support the growth of the category?

Chandan:Initial cost of acquisition of EVs was also one of the factor in slow adoption of EVs in India. FAME subsidy will certainly help in reducing the capex for a buyer who is willing to try out EVs for their commercial application.

Aurora: Recently central government has taken a few positive measures to boost the EV industry. Do you think there is enough being done at the policy front or more needs to be done?

Chandan: Until EVs become a new-normal as the IC engine vehicles, a lot of work from the Govt. needs to be done, be it charging infrastructure, consistent power supply, better roads, reduced import duty etc. And at the same time Government should encourage Startups and OEMs to present as many pilot models for Eco-system development. It will enable the Government into effective policy making.

We would like to thank Chandan for sharing his views with us.

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