[Watch] PluginIndia talks to Aurora Ventures, on how China became the leader of the EV industry

China has been the biggest market as well as the biggest manufacturer of electric vehicles for around one decade. To achieve and sustain this leading position, China had taken a slew of measures at policy as well infrastructure levels. Strong policies, such as credit scores for OEMs, technology-based subsidies and state-owned charging infrastructure, have come to fruition and led to the high growth rates of EV adoption in China.

Kedar Soman from PlugIndia caught up with our Co-founder, Shivam Arora, to discuss these measures and help its viewers understand how China is doing as an EV market. In the video, Shivam shares his experience as an EV user living in China and drops his macro-level insights as an industry expert.

Click below to watch the full video:

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