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Our tailor-made services for Electric Vehicle & New Energy industry


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Vendor Identification & Onboarding

Vendor identifaction for electric vehicle industry- Aurora Ventures

Not every listing on Alibaba can be trusted. We can help you to identify the right partners in the manufacturing industry in China from our already verified manufacturers of components such as hub motors, chargers, controllers, lithium cells & batteries, connectors among others. 
After identification, we can help you with onboarding of these suppliers through factory inspections and documentation support.

Quality assurance & Long-term maintenance

Quality Audits for electric vehicle industry- Aurora Ventures

We also support long-term quality maintenance by visiting the production facility on a regular basis to represent your quality initiatives and ensuring products are being manufactured as per the processes.

Before signing the final agreement with your Chinese vendor it is imperative to understand the quality culture at the manufacturing facility. Understanding how much priority is given to quality processes by top management would help you know how the factory would perform long term. Our detailed audit reports will cover these important factors.

Shipment inspection & consolidation

Shipment inspections for electric vehicle industry- Aurora Ventures

An important checkpoint before you pay your vendor is the shipment & sample inspection before it leaves the factory. Payments are usually made against the bill of lading. In case of a faulty batch of production, you would not be aware until the shipment reaches your door which can lead to issues with the supplier, loss of money and time. We can inspect your items before they are loaded, making sure the right products reach you and you save not only money but also crucial time.

If you have multiple vendors shipping out items at different times and from different ports, it can be really costly to manage those individual shipments. Also, shipping costs would be higher. We can manage your shipments by coordinating with your vendors and consolidate at one port from China. This would save your headache of managing multiple suppliers but also help you save on shipping.

Vendor Negotiations & Relationship Maintenance

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Having good relationships with vendors is critically important for a healthy supply chain. Building a long term partnership starts from the sample stage, then goes on to discuss commercial terms, prices, ongoing issues, conflict management etc. Many of these situations demand local presence,  local language skills, working experience as well as trust that has built over time. We believe in acting as a local team for our customers to handle the vendor relationships so that the customer's team doesn't have to worry about issues, prices and flying to vendor locations for discussions.

Technology Partnerships

Electric vehicle Technology partnership - Aurora Ventures

The electric vehicle industry is rapidly evolving and China has taken a lead in new technology development in a lot of areas of the industry. We can help you find right partners to match your technology needs to help you reach the market faster without re-inventing the wheel.

Shared mobility - Product Identification & Sourcing


Urban cities are already congested with a high number of vehicles. Most of the vehicles are used for the local daily commute with single person occupancy. Shared mobility vehicles like kickstart scooters, e-bikes, small e-scooters are solving first and last mile connectivity issues for the commuters. At the same time, they are helping to make the cities not only less crowded but also less polluted. We are Aurora Ventures help shared mobility startups to find the right product that suits their idea and also source with assured quality and prices.